• “Family first. Office second”.
  • There are consequences to not addressing your family’s non-financial needs.
  • Your legacy will exist whether you design it or not.

Cole & Associates:


To make a positive difference for families and their enterprises. To simplify complexity so everyone can progress.


Impartiality.  Integrity.  Balance.  Sincerity.  Optimism.


To help families find common ground where possible. To facilitate harmony in outcomes, knowing not all processes are harmonious, especially when money is involved.  To lead families through challenging issues with an unbiased lens.

Family is everything.

“My mind has always had an unusual balance between business and people, and therefore working with enterprising families is a perfect professional fit.  Knowledge and experience should be shared, not hoarded.  My background is unique and relevant to enterprising families, and I am at my best when I’m helping others achieve their goals.  I have spent my life bringing people together because I often see what others don’t.  Cole & Associates is the culmination of my purpose and life’s work.”

C. Cole 


Cole & Associates offers three consulting options customized for your circumstances on a fee-for-service basis with a commitment to:
  • Your family comes first
  • Impartiality – no products to sell
  • Integrating and coordinating your professionals, while working only for you.
  • Family Office Status Assessment & Road-Mapping


Family Office Status Assessment & Road-Mapping is an end-to-end analysis, followed by an action-plan designed to build or redevelop your family office.

Whether you have an existing family office or would like to develop one, begin with the end in mind. What is your current state, where do you want to be and how do you get there? Where do you find experienced professionals and what is reasonable remuneration for their work?


  • Family Facilitation Services

Areas of facilitation may include building family vision, values and purpose statements, understanding and designing a structure that works for your circumstances, or hosting quarterly family retreats.

Family facilitation is key to keeping enterprising families together and progressing. Moving forward is essential for enterprising families but is often inhibited by personal differences. As a family there is history that can get in the way of harmonious progress. How are decisions made? Who feels unheard? Who is misunderstood? How do you balance contention and advancement?

  • Intergenerational Wealth Strategy Services

There are significant and important differences between financial planning, investment management and and intergenerational wealth strategy. (Intergenerational Wealth Strategy)

Whether you are re-deploying capital after a business sale or considering which assets will be core to your family’s growth in 25 years, thinking differently is essential. Assets are inventoried, categorized and assigned expectations, which lead to an action plan designed for generations. This program is customized to your family and wealth objectives.

Cole & Associates specializes in facilitating vision, value, and mission, facilitating vision for family office, communications through the Kolbe platform, and intergenerational wealth strategy:

  • family asset allocation in comparison to investment asset allocation
  • creating an intergenerational wealth map based on family dynamics and interests
  • learning about the banking and investment system from behind the scenes
  • understanding investment industry licensing and fee structures
  • differences between public markets and private investing
  • the difference between retail, wholesale and institutional investment products and pricing
  • how to access off-the-beaten-path opportunities, such as co-investments with other families
  • sourcing service providers in the wealth sector
  • much more depending on circumstances

Disclosures and Differentiators

Cole & Associates does not provide investment advice and does not sell investment or insurance products.

Cole & Associates does not pay for, nor receive payment of any kind for making referrals or recommendations to other service providers.

 Impartial. Unbiased. Independent.