She also trained with the Co-Active Training Institute group in co-active coaching. She is a Family Enterprise Advisor Designate achieved through the Family Enterprise Xchange and completed a Certification in Applied Positive Psychology through the Flourishing Center.

As a Family Advisor she is clarifying purpose, resolving conflict, and amplifying total wealth, where wealth is much more than financial capital – the focus here is on Human Capital. The basis of her family advisory role is: “Are you communicating in a way that the family is in Harmony?” As a professionally-trained Coach, Danielle’s goal is to hold a safe space for her clients. She provides accountability, clarity and support on their journey of self-discovery and forward motion. The basis of her coaching is: “Are you living the Legacy you want to be remembered for?” Danielle also engages at speaking events sharing her story, knowledge and experience to help other Canadian families overcome the proverbial saying; “shirtsleeve to shirtsleeve in 3 generations”.

Danielle is 3rd generation of a prominent Canadian Family Business.  She worked in her family’s business until she married, moved to Ontario and began a family of her own. She is mother to 3 wonderful teenagers. She is President of Danuto Holdings, an investment company. She is a member of the Grove Society Executive Board and a Trustee for the Lakefield College School. Danielle co-facilitates parenting workshop within her community as well as a group of FEA’s to share and learn. On the home front, Danielle organizes and leads family meetings, creates multigenerational games, coordinated the writing of a family values book which lead her to write her own book. Her focus is on building a family legacy and fostering financial literacy in the younger generation.  Danielle has a passion for travel, animals, nature and staying active. She plays the piano and clarinet and volunteers her time supporting her community.