Our Services

Each family office is different, but they have many similarities. Services provided within a family office are determined by the priorities set by the family members.

The diverse requirements and depth of expertise needed to fulfill a family office mandate are usually beyond the scope of any single provider. Therefore, teamwork and strong leadership are critical to the success of a family office.

What is your intention? What are you trying to avoid? Who is qualified to help?

Our Commitment

We offer four consulting options customized for your circumstances on a fee-for-service basis with a commitment to:

  • Impartiality – no products to sell.
  • Your family comes first.
  • Working with your existing team and coordinating your external professionals, while working only for you.
  • No one should be asked to break up a relationship with an existing service provider in order to access Family Office services.

Our Offerings

Family Office Strategy & Design for Families

Strategy & Design of a family office is the equivalent to the architecture and general contracting of construction. Before hiring specialist to address any specific area, the foundation needs to be clearly drawn out. Beginning construction without a plan will not end in optimum results.

When to reach out:

  • If you are considering starting a family office and would like impartial advice.
  • If you have a family office and would like to improve effectiveness.

Customized Education for Inheritors

Our approach to education is unique for each person, generation, and family office. Our education process eliminates industry jargon and engages participants based on their current acumen and learning styles. We take complex concepts and simplify them to enable individuals to grasp and retain information as it pertains to their unique circumstances.

When to reach out:

  • If you are a family office seeking support in educating inheritors on a customized platform.
  • If you are a “Shareholder in waiting” who is seeking education to gain knowledge and increase preparedness for your future role.
  • If you are a Professional Advisor to a family who is seeking a customized education platform for inheritors.

Communication & Decision Making

Communication styles have both intended and unintended consequences. It impacts the effective delivery of a family, team, firm culture, job satisfaction, client interaction, staff retention, and the dynamics between leaders as they make meaningful decision in real time. Carolyn uses her Kolbe certification to bring teams to a new level of understanding and performance.

When to reach out:

  • If you are a family office seeking support in optimizing your communication.
  • If you are a family owned business who is seeking to improve team communication, find work efficiencies, and increase job satisfaction.