Dear Mom & Dad: Speaking of Entitlement…

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One of the most commonly used and effective tax strategies in Canada is the use of a family trust for multiplying the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE). This strategy enables family members, usually parents or grandparents, to multiply the capital gains exemption with children or other family members in order to reduce the overall tax liability.

1832 Family Office Webinar Series

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Carolyn Cole has collaborated with Donald and Brian of 1832 Investment Council to present a six-part webinar series on various Family Office topics. Each webinar features a hand-selected panel of family office professionals, family members, and leaders to provide perspective, knowledge, and insight.

Judging kids of wealthy families causes damage that can last a lifetime

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Passing judgment, subtly or not, shapes children’s views of themselves and the world around them. Youngsters will be exposed to some sort of wealth judgment at an early age, with or without their parents present.

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