Our Values at Cole & Associates


To make a positive difference for families and their enterprises. To simplify complexity so everyone can progress.


Impartiality. Integrity. Balance.


To help families find common ground where possible. To facilitate harmony in outcomes, knowing not all processes are harmonious, especially when money is involved. To lead families through challenging issues with an unbiased lens.

Meet the Cole & Associates Team

Carolyn J. Cole
Founder & CEO

Lucy Ryan
Director & Education Lead

Robert Beattie
Head, Finance & Operations

Rachel Holodniuk
Engagement Coordinator

Brooke Rohatyn
Accounting Manager

Tyson Mark
Technology Manager

Announcing Soon
Managing Director

Our Associated Experts

About Associated Experts

  • Associated Experts bring a depth of knowledge and passion to their clients in specialty areas that are relevant to families, and we sincerely enjoy collaborating with these fantastic professionals.
  • We at Cole & Associates fully support the independent practices of each Expert and we encourage you to contact them directly. Just let them know you found them here!
  • Life is a Team Sport and we are proud to share with you the names and contact details of others who are like-minded.

Danielle Saputo
Legacy Coach & Family Advisor

Associated Expert

Esther Jang
Philanthropic Strategist

Associated Expert

Karlee Vukets
Financial Planner & Coach

Associated Expert

Melissa Johanson

Health Coach

Associated Expert

Tyson Mark
Technology Expert

Associated Expert

Anwar Visram
CISSP, MCSE:Security, Security+
Privacy Expert

Associated Expert

Monica Clare
Management Consultant

Associated Expert

Huijin Kong
MBA, B.Sc Economics
Business Leader & Counselor

Associated Expert


Family Office Software

Associated Expert


  • Cole & Associates is a separate legal entity to our Associated Experts and as such Cole & Associates, nor any of its employees or subcontractors, assume any legal liability for the work completed by or performance of an Associated Expert.
  • Should you engage with these independent Associated Experts, you will be responsible for reviewing and understanding the terms and conditions of their services.

Disclosures & Differentiators

Cole & Associates does not provide investment advice and does not sell investment or insurance products.

Cole & Associates does not pay for, nor receive payment of any kind for making referrals or recommendations to other service providers.